Hi! I’m Deon, I use my nickname “DeDe”  on my blog because when people see my name they think that I’m a boy! (story of my life)

I am founder and blogger at WomanOnABudget.com. I live in North Carolina with my husband and I use this blog to share my advice and tips on saving money, making money and overall just living life on less! My love for personal finance stems from the fact that I have a Bachelors degree in Accounting/Finance and I’ve been working as an investment accountant for the last 7 years in Corporate America. I worked mainly with the commercial mortgage, real estate, and bond investments.  I founded this blog to encourage other individuals to manage their finances better.

My money story hasn’t always been perfect! I managed to take on too many student loans, accumulated credit card debt, didn’t have a savings account, and then life happened and I was stuck with medical bills that my insurance didn’t cover. I didn’t know my financial situation was flawed until I got engaged and my husband and I  wanted to buy a home. We signed up for a first time homebuyer seminar that showed us how to create a budget and analyze our financial situation; this class drastically changed our lives.

In my homebuyers course I realized that I had been spending unwisely, I didn’t have a savings account and I didn’t know what my credit score was. We used the class to create a plan to pay off debt, pay for our wedding in cash and buy our first home. It was a lot of work, but we managed to pay off a car in full,  $12,000 worth of student loans, $1,500 in medical bills, and a $500 credit card. I have over an average 700 credit score, I have saved a 6-month emergency fund, but I’m still working on paying off student loans (baby steps).   

Overall, the main reason why I started this blog, to hold myself accountable and connect with other individuals that have money goals they would like to slay!! Mine is to pay off my student loans!! :-)I had a couple of job changes that helped to increase my income to help me pay off some of my debt faster, and I started this blog to document my financial journey as well as help other women increase their income and improve their financial situation as well.

I hope that you find this blog useful,  I will also be using the tips, advice, and reviews that I suggest on this blog. So feel free to comment, ask questions, so that I can be as helpful as I can!! 🙂