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If you would like to make extra cash this year, here are my top 5 ways to do it.  Making extra cash can help you save for the things that matter most, like that family vacation, or your child college education, paying down debt or starting that business that you always wanted to start. Having more cash gives you more options and more options give you more Financial Freedom!

1. Part-Time Job: Starting a part-time job is a great way to bring in extra cash. Of course, you would probably have to sacrifice night and weekends, if you work a traditional 9-5. Generally retail stores such as WalMart, Target frequent part-timers. You can also work for restaurants, hotels, and even call centers. Go to or and get started job hunting.

2. Start a Side Hustle: Starting a business on the side, is a flexible way to bring in extra income. Some people grow their side hustle during the evening and weekend. Some business ideas are Bookkeeping, Cleaning, Blogging, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer. If you need to spruce up on your skills you can sign up for a training website such as or If you need to find freelance work you can sign up for sites such as

3. Start Investing: This might be the riskiest way to make money if you are not financially savvy. Making your money work for you by investing, is a great thing to do if you already have money to invest. As you can see, getting a part-time job and starting a business requires YOU to work, however, if you start investing in the stock market you generally make your money work for you. You can open a brokerage account with a local bank or open an account with an online brokerage such as

4. Start Blogging: This is my all-time favorite! There is so much versatility in creating a blog! You can grow an income by blogging for your business or promoting other businesses. You can create e-courses, write e-books, offer your freelance services all on your blog! The only downside is that blogging takes time! You won’t make money overnight from blogging and it will take a big commitment from you! I will take the time to create a post about my blogging journey and how you can start your blog as well!

5. Sign up for cash-back and survey websites: This is a quick and easy way to make spending money. You can sign up for cash back and survey websites such as or I have personally tried InboxDollars and will be putting a review on my blog! The benefits of these sites are that you don’t have to go out make a commitment to working for another company or getting clients after you leave your day job. The downside is that some sites have a minimum payout, in which you have to accumulate a certain dollar amount before they send you the money. If you have the patience to sit through the surveys or whatever you need to do to make money then this way of making income is for you!

Overall, these are just a sampling of ways that you can make more income for 2018, but this can get you moving in the right direction! Always remember when evaluating what method you want to use, you must consider the pros versus the cons. You will also need to be patient as you won’t grow your income overnight, but consider that some ideas will earn an income more quickly than others!

DeDe Gaither

DeDe Gaither is a personal finance blogger with a BS in Accounting/Finance, that is passionate about helping women succeed financially! Outside of blogging she loves to cook, is an avid reader and she is a follower of Christ!

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