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So my husband and I are in our early thirties and we are thinking about having kids sometime soon. I have pondered the idea and went back and forth on if I am ready or not to take that big step! My siblings and his siblings have kids and while we enjoy their company and watching them grow up, we are trying to see if that is something that we want to do! I mean I am in my early thirties and I’m not getting younger, and on the other hand, I am really enjoying this freedom I have! 🙂

It seems to be the norm however for single women over thirty to not have kids, I actually know a few of them. Most of them are college educated women, who decided to get a degree instead of getting married and have kids in their early twenties. So most of the time the decision to not have kids is a circumstantial thing, in which you just didn’t find the right one to have them with. However, in my situation it’s a bit different, I found the one I want to have kids with, but I’m trying to see if they are really worth the money and time.

You see the world is making it a bit scary to raise kids and it’s making my anxieties peak at an all-time high! This article from CNN money talks about the cost of raising a child is $233,160 from the time they’re born until they are 17. Yikes! I could use that money to pay off my house, travel to exotic places and live a very fulfilled and lavish life! Also, kids require attention and much of your energy and time and sometimes kids act out and you have to discipline them. If I became a mom I would most likely want to be a stay at home mom, but my career can suffer from being out of the career field for too long! Mom’s have to make a lot of sacrifices for their kids and I may not be ready for that.

But on the other hand, I believe that family is everything. Life isn’t meant to spent alone, we all need other people around us to make us feel appreciated and loved for who we are! Kids can restore so much joy and hope to your life. I know that when I am around my niece and nephew and I am having a bad day, they can instantly cheer me up with their charm! While as an adult we are so focused on the stresses of the real world, having kids allow you to experience unconditional love and the joy of raising someone that is a reflection of yourself. Overall, I think I would still like to have kids, even though I know all the risk of having them! Children can grow up into adults who change the world, and I hope one of my children is one of them, those possibilities are greater than any risk!

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DeDe Gaither is a personal finance blogger with a BS in Accounting/Finance, that is passionate about helping women succeed financially! Outside of blogging she loves to cook, is an avid reader and she is a follower of Christ!

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